Carlota Gómez

Head of Communications, Bayer Iberia

"Contribute with our work to a better life. Is this not an exciting challenge? Our mission “Science for a better life” is what drives our employees in the world and also in Spain. Often, our partners tell us that this is more a than a company, "this is Bayer". With this fascination we contribute through our innovations to improve health, nutrition and the environment. And we are in almost all areas of society!  And we face its future challenges. Since the prevention and treatment of disease, to provide healthy food and manufacturing materials that contribute to greater energy efficiency.


84% of our employees feel committed in Spain and identified with our company. I think the reason is mainly in our values. Both what we do, how we do it are as important for Bayer. The sustainability of our business is paramount and therefore we place economic objectives at the same level as the social and environmental ones. "




Carlota Gomez (Sabadell, 1982) began her career at Bayer in 2007.


She started working in the Communication Department at Bayer HealthCare. Since then, she has assumed various responsibilities in internal and external communication, in both, the institutional and the product related area. In addition, Carlota has international experience within the company in the Bayer Headquarters in Leverkusen and BHC Headquarters in Berlin.


Since April 2012 she is the Head of Communication of the Bayer Group in Spain.



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